Are you a homeowner wondering if there are any good reasons you should sell your house now?  You probably have a few reasons of your own or you would not be reading this. The real question is whether or not this is the best time. Is it safe in this uncertain economy?

First, let me point out what may be obvious. Selling your home is a very personal event. The decisions you make need to be based on your unique situation. Be sure that any recommendations or advice you follow is carefully filtered through the fact that your situation is not someone else’s.

Second, The world is in total chaos now that the Coronavirus pandemic has taken our world. Everyone is asking what will happen to the housing market? The economy? Our jobs? Our future? There really are not any solid answers right now.

The so-called “experts” seem as uncertain as the rest of us. The advice we have heard regarding the pandemic and the economy is unreliable and seems to be little more than educated guessing. Every day there is a major change and a new contradiction of yesterday’s information.

Nevertheless, something has brought you to a point where you need to decide what to do with your house.

Here are a few reasons you should sell your house now:

  1. In the coming months, the value of your home will likely fall drastically. If your situation requires you to sell your home anytime in the next year or two do it now. this is not the time to wait. The value of your home may not return to its current value in a long time. If ever. If you live in the house or plan to keep it long term, then do so. Is it a financial burden to hold it? Is there a risk of being forced to sell in the near future? Getting upside down on your mortgage is a real possibility if you wait.
  1. Right now there are more buyers than sellers. This is one of a few reasons you should sell your house now, rather than later. Those who are looking to buy a home are finding very few options and tough competition of other eager buyers. You will not have to look far to find a buyer right now. The situation may soon be very different.
  1. In the coming months, there will be fewer buyers and a flood of homes available for sale. This is due to a “tsunami of foreclosures” coming from people who waited or bought more house than they could afford. You will have to compete against lots of other homes for the attention of far fewer buyers. Finding a buyer at that time will be much harder.

Selling a house even in the best of times can be frightening, overwhelming, and complicated.  Contact us to take the hassle out of selling. We are here to help.


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